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DGiT Daily Podcast

Mar 21, 2019

Dyson released a new line of vacuum cleaners which really suck - but they’re supposed to, so that’s good. Also coming are a desk lamp that changes with the time of day and a personal air purifier for those who don’t like to share.

Our roundup includes stories about Google’s new AI-powered Google Doodle,

Mar 7, 2019

Facebook wants to be more of a privacy messaging. Your Facebook wall is still totally up for grabs, but when it comes to messaging, Facebook wants to be your personal privacy protector.

Our roundup includes stories about Tim Apple, Huawei suing the US government, Samsung throwing shade at Huawei,

Feb 27, 2019

Hat tip to Tristan on the newsletter for the headline. The FTC established a new task force whose job it will be to oversee antitrust regulation in the tech industry. But will it work?

 Our roundup includes stories about the best smartphones of MWC, Google Docs’ battle against their, they’re and there, the Apple...

Jan 29, 2019

A bug in FaceTime freaked the internet out yesterday. This bug allows a person to listen in on the other end before the user has answered a FaceTime call. Apple was quick to disable group FaceTime, but the fact that this happened on #DataPrivacyDay is quite ironic.

Our roundup includes stories about our portless...