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DGiT Daily Podcast

Jan 31, 2019

Elon Musk said, during an earnings call that “Full, self-driving capability is there,” and the Internet lost it. Because it’s not. Maybe the hardware is there, but the capability is not there, and that’s an important distinction. We break it all down.

Our roundup includes stories about Facebook’s loss of...

Jan 30, 2019

Apple’s earnings call came out, and just as expected, sales were down, leading to some price shifting of the iPhone around the world. But, we learn some interesting facts about Apple’s services, and their profitability. Spoiler alert, it’s pretty high.

Our roundup includes stories about Facebook spying on kids,

Jan 29, 2019

A bug in FaceTime freaked the internet out yesterday. This bug allows a person to listen in on the other end before the user has answered a FaceTime call. Apple was quick to disable group FaceTime, but the fact that this happened on #DataPrivacyDay is quite ironic.

Our roundup includes stories about our portless...

Jan 28, 2019

Samsung announced over the weekend that is was going to replace packing materials with eco-friendly materials. This includes all of Samsung’s products from phone to tablets to appliances.

Our roundup today includes stories about International Data Privacy Day, Samsung attempting to acquire a smartphone optical zoom...

Jan 25, 2019

AI developer DeepMind, owned by Google, played and beat two pro gamers at StarCraft II, which is significant because it’s a real-time, fast paced strategy game. The event was live-streamed on YouTube and Twitch.

Our roundup today includes about a new mystery Google device, another great way to not use Siri, a...