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DGiT Daily Podcast

Dec 7, 2018

Microsoft announced in a post on GitHub that it would use Chromium, the open-source source code used primarily in Google’s Chrome browser. This is kind of a big deal, and sides are already forming. Mozilla is pissed, and Hacker News goes into the gory details.

Our roundup features stories about Qualcomm’s new...

Dec 6, 2018

Welcome Sam, our new writer!

Facebook is back in the news and it’s still bad. A cache of Facebook documents from inside the headquarters of Facebook has been released, and not only is it not pretty, it’s very creepy.

Our roundup features stories about Huawei’s right to remain silent, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855...

Dec 3, 2018

Congrats to Cristian R. from Romania for winning our Google Pixel 3 XL!

Google’s Best of 2018 Awards showed off the best selling apps, movies, and books from the Play Store, along with some reader’s  choice awards. They’re predictable and a bit boring, but worth checking out.

Also, we have three - count them